USTX is a token deployed on Tron blockchain that is currently available on our DEX at fixed price, during the 4 weeks of launchpad. The launchpad will last until October 30th.

USTX can be purchased swapping any of the following tokens: USDT, USDJ, USDC and TUSD. To pay for the network fees, a small amount (25TRX) of TRX is also needed.

The DEX can be accessed through Tronlink (Browser extension or mobile app), the official Tron wallet.

A very short video tutorial explains all the steps required to complete a purchase.

The token and DEX smart contracts are accessible directly on chain:

USTX smart contract

USTX DEX Proxy contract

USTX DEX Implementation contract



USTX Project

USTX: a TRC20 token, traded in a multiasset DEX with algorithmic reserve burning and minting: consistent growth, reduced drawdown!